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Bring life to your house! We have an incredible selection of houseplants to brighten your home.  If you are unsure which houseplant is best suited for your home, or if you need advice regarding the care of your houseplants, please consult our knowledgeable staff.  We are here to help.











Are you aware of all of the benefits of having houseplants? Let's go over some, because it's pretty impressive:


  • 1. Plants clean the air. They remove nasty stuff floating around like benzene and formaldehyde. In fact, one study found that 15 average sized plants placed in an 1800 square foot homed removed 87% of the toxins from the air in just one day!

  • 2. Plants release humidity. 97% of the water you give to a houseplant gets released into the air.

  • 3. Plants release oxygen. Not that you didn't know that already (third grade, right?) but it's great to remember.

  • 4. Plants make us happy, calmer, and more optimistic. Personally, I like the bright and cheerful blooms. Some folks like the leafy stuff. We don't judge.

  • 5. Plants make you smarter. Ok, they make your brain work better, but that's close enough for us. Plants improve your idea generation, mood, and more.

  • 6. Plants reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Are you on your way in to buy some plants yet?

  • 7.  Plants reduce headaches. This goes with air quality, but I found it important enough to make it it's own point. You are less likely to get headaches if you aren't breathing that stuffy, stale air.

  • In addition, certain plants have other positive uses:

  • Aloe - Break that bad boy open and apply it to burns. It really does work.

  • Eucalyptus - Clears congestion and phlegm.

  • Bromeliads & many succulents - Increase oxygen production at night. Put this in your bedroom to help you sleep.

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