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Big Green Egg is the Ultimate Cooking Experience! You will be amazed at what you can do with your new cooking device!


The Big Green Egg is a modern-day evolution of ancient cookers. Its design is modeled on the clay cooking vessels first seen during the Chinese Qin Dynasty and then used by the Japanese beginning in the 3rd century.

Centuries ago, these knee-high cookers were fired by wood or natural charcoal (just like the Big Green Egg is today), and pots were hung inside them for cooking rice. Eventually a slatted cooking grid was fitted inside for grilling and roasting meats, and by the 1600s they were raised off the floor and placed on a platform – a position which undoubtedly was much easier on the cook’s back! Popularity began to spread as U.S. servicemen discovered this style of cooking during World War II and shipped them home after the war. The domed cookers were an exciting alternative to the metal charcoal or gas grills of the day, and people were sold on the added flavor and juiciness the “new” cooker gave to foods.


Stop in and see what all the fuss is about. Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home, has the best selection of Big Green Egg grills and accessories, including tools, rubs, sauces, and much more, in Fishers. Join us for one of our many events when we are cooking on the Big Green Egg and experience the difference for yourself!


To learn more about Big Green Egg, visit their website at

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