Proper watering is a necessary requirement immediately after transplanting
any plant. Including a root stimulator with the initial watering will help lessen transplant shock and encourage new root growth.
Your trees and shrubs will need individual attention until they become established.
Keep in mind that it takes one year per inch of tree diameter for a tree to get established.
As a rule of thumb all plants need at least 1" of water per week through rain or irrigation. The best way to water trees and shrubs is to place a hose by the base of the plant and set at a slow trickle.  If set at the proper rate, water will be absorbed and not run off the root ball. A slow soaking is the goal. Use the following chart as a guideline for watering trees.

Over-watering can be as much of a problem as under-watering. Unfortunately, symptoms of both problems are similar. Signs of over-watering may include yellowing of leaves and an overall limp appearance. Additional watering will not revive plant.  Under-watered plants will also wilt and may brown around leaf edges.  However, under-watered plants will respond with additional water.
The best way to determine a plant's watering needs is to physically check the soil 4” deep around the root ball.  If the soil is wet, don’t water. If the soil is
dry, the plant needs watered. 
Sprinklers may be used to water lawns, small shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.
Take a pie plate and set it 6 - 7 feet from your sprinkler.  See how long it
takes to catch 1/2 inch of water.  Double that time,  and water your lawn and gardens that length of time.
Infrequent deep watering encourages deep root growth and discourages mildew, fungi, and disease.

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