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At Planting
At planting a root stimulator or starter fertilizer should be used. We suggest using Espoma's Bio-Tone for all plants. It should be worked into the soil as you plant. Each package will explain the proper amount to use and how it should be applied. A thorough watering is also then recommended.
Established Shrubs and Trees
Broadcast fertilizer over the tree or shrub feeder root zone according to   manufacturer’s directions. Use a formulation specifically for trees and shrubs. Application should be made in early spring before growth begins or mid fall after leaf drop. Keep plants well watered during the growing season after fertilization
Mature trees and shrubs require little fertilization as long as they have good leaf color and are growing well. Also trees and shrubs grown in turf areas where a complete fertilizer program is being followed do not need additional fertilization.
Use a “plant starter” fertilizer when planting new perennials. For established plantings, use a light application of slow release fertilizer in spring and as needed throughout the summer as indicated by plant growth and color. Do not over-fertilize, or you will stimulate production of foliage, with a decrease in flowering. Fertilizers high in phosphorus promote blooming and fruiting for these short season plants. Formulations are available for specific types of plants. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
Incorporate a slow-release fertilizer into the soil before planting beds and containers. For maximum blooming performance, water with a high-phosphorous fertilizer dissolved in water every two weeks.
Tips & Tricks

  • We prefer an organic fertilizer for best results. Our favorite is the Espoma line of fertilizers.

  • More is not better!  Follow instructions on the container for optimum results.

  • Use a “root stimulator” fertilizer for all new plantings.

  • Aluminum sulfate or Holly-tone should be incorporated into the soil in the spring for acid-loving plants.

  • Water soluble products are only recommended for use on annuals, herbs, and vegetables.  Do not use on trees and shrubs.